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Coriander leaf

An aromatic herb essential in all curries

Some admittedly sad-looking bunched coriander

Always use fresh coriander. Using the dried herb is a waste of time, quite frankly, as you’ll get no flavour out it (the minced stuff in jars isn’t much better either).

When buying fresh coriander, try to avoid the little plastic containers you find in supermarkets: it’s a very pricey way of buying herbs. If you’re lucky your supermarket will also sell it in large bunches (my local Sainsbury’s does on occasion), usually for little more than the poxy plastic jobs. This is the stuff to get, as it’s much better value and an altogether more flavoursome product.

The tender stalks of coriander have the same flavour as that of the leaves. They can therefore by finely chopped and used as well.

Bunched coriander can be frozen if they are to be used for flavouring a dish. Simply wrap them in foil before placing in the freezer.


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