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Along the length of Britain, bookshops are crammed with great works dedicated to cooking curries and spicy food. I’ve picked out some of my favourite authors.

Featured Authors

Keith FloydKeith Floyd

Devoted to cooking and the good life, Keith Floyd has written 19 books and presented 16 television series. He has a wonderfully candid style: pottering about with portable stoves and a camera crew, cooking in the open air and chewing the fat with local cooks. His apparently haphazard methods arise from learning his dishes en route and this lends a tremendous confidence that you donít have to be a slave to the recipe to get a wonderful meal.

Books reviewed: Floyd’s India.

Rick SteinRick Stein

You may well have seen Rick Stein on one of his cookery shows on BBC. Rick has an enthusiasm for fish and a love of spicy food, combining them masterfully in amazing dishes such as Shark Vindaloo!

Books reviewed: Fruits of the Sea, Seafood Odyssey.


Cook’s Notes

You can buy any of these books through Amazon. While I am more than concerned by Amazon’s monopolistic abuse of US Patents, they do provide an excellent service.