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Restaurant Reviews

The New Curry Centre (Horsham, England)

The New Curry Centre, 43 London Road, Horsham, RH12 1AN, England
tel: 01403243612  
(restaurant and takeaway)

3 reviews, average rating: 45 star rating 86%

Rating: 45 star rating 88% Reviewed by jonah on 3 Jul 2006

A takeaway was eaten on Thursday, 29th Jun 2006 in the evening.

The food ordered was: I oredered vegetable to start followed by chinken pakora which were both typically delicous as I have come to expect of the establishment.

Quality of food 5 star rating

the other membersof family who also ordered a variety of food are also regulars.

Quality of service 5 star rating

Exceptionally friendly, with great pearsonal approach and welcome.

Variety on menu 4 star rating

Happilly prepared to make alterations.

Decor & ambience 4 star rating

It couples well with the service.

Location 4 star rating

only a short walk from the town centre.

Cost 4 star rating

Depending on the time, with meal for as little as 11 and special buffets.

In summary

Excellent, inviting atmosphere coupled with good food and pleasent suroundings5 star standards.

Rating: 45 star rating 83% Reviewed by Zannah on 20 Feb 2006

The restaurant was visited on Tuesday, 3rd Jan 2006 in the evening.

The food ordered was: Tandoori chicken, pilau rice, lamb kurma, onion bhajis.

Quality of food 4 star rating

The food was delicious and I was stuffed at the end of the meal! It was a Tuesday, when they do a special deal for 10.95 or so (starter & main & side dish & rice/bread etc, and coffee) - so this was exceptionally good value.

Quality of service 5 star rating

As we were there during the week, it was not too busy and we had several waiters serving us. They were friendly and helpful, and patient with us (considering the amount of time it took us to order...).

Variety on menu 4 star rating

I agree with the other review, that their take on the traditional dishes is a bit different. I particularly enjoyed my tandoori chicken starter, which was much better than I have had elsewhere!

Decor & ambience 4 star rating

It is not decorated like most Indian restaurants are - a nice modern feel to it, very smart.

Location 4 star rating

It is just outside of the pedestrianised area of town (across the main road) so it may be tricky to find on foot if you're not familiar with Horsham - it is near the Choices video place and almost opposite the Indian Tree restaurant. There are loads of carparks in this part of town.

Cost 4 star rating

The every-day prices are the usual amounts, but on Tuesdays the lots-of-food-for-11 deal makes it outstanding value.

In summary

This restaurant is excellent for value, quality of food and service - especially on Tuesdays when it is not busy!

Rating: 45 star rating 88% Reviewed by inkbm on 27 Sep 2005

The restaurant was visited on Saturday, 6th Aug 2005 in the evening.

The food ordered was: Chicken Biryani, Balti Garlic Chicken, Brinjal Baji, nan, rice.

Quality of food 5 star rating

Superb food. All very freshly cooked. Vegetables especially were noteworthy.

Quality of service 5 star rating

Superb, lots of staff in a v busy Sat night restaurant. They all work together with the boss managing them closely. A very tight run ship.

Variety on menu 4 star rating

Plenty on the menu for me. I'd try any of their dishes, it seems they have a new take on what might be considered standard dishes.

Decor & ambience 4 star rating

Small bar area at front where you can have a drink whilst waiting for your take out. Restaurant extends (narrowly) once you go up a few steps. All very pleasant, recently done.

Location 5 star rating

Central horsham, easy parking.

Cost 3 star rating

Think we paid 30 including only one large bottle of Cobra. I had to drive :(.

In summary

Give it a try, it's really very good. But get a booking for a Sat night, we were lucky to get a table for 2 squeezed in.


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