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Spice preparation

Looking after the heart of your curry

Spices are important and fickle creatures. They need tender care and a little warming up before use.

Spices should always be stored in airtight containers in a dark and cool place. Displaying them on spice racks for all to see may look attractive, but it will age the spices more quickly, meaning they will lose their flavour and aroma. Always buy whole spices if you can, and grind them when required. You’ll get more, longer lasting flavour that way.

To release all the flavours from your spices, they should be dry-roasted before use. This involves heating up a heavy-based pan, without adding fat, and roasting your spices until you smell their aroma. Remove from the heat and allow your spices to cool then grind if required; either in a coffee grinder or pestle & mortar if you’re feeling energetic.

Roasting ground spices will help bring old ones back to life, but be particularly careful not to burn them as it will understandably destroy their flavour.


Chef’s Notes

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