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Devoted to cooking and the good life, Keith Floyd has written 19 books and presented 16 television series. He has a wonderfully candid style: pottering about with portable stoves and a camera crew, cooking in the open air and chewing the fat with local cooks. His apparently haphazard methods arise from learning his dishes en route and this lends a tremendous confidence that you donít have to be a slave to the recipe to get a wonderful meal.

Floyd’s India [buy]

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Floyd spent 2Ĺ months travelling around India filming his TV series and the first third of the book records this time in a Letter from India. In his usual candid and occasioanlly world-weary manner, Floyd compares & contrasts regional foods and customs, highlighting the highs and lows on the way.

The recipes that Floyd picked up on his travels are arranged thematically: spice masalas, rice, thali (the Indian equivalent of tapas), meat, fish, etc. All the recipes are simple to make and the ones I’ve tried so far have, without exception, been superb. Next up is to check out the meat vindaloo…. An ebullient and often quite funny guided tour to the regions, sights and dishes of India.

Favourite recipes: chicken saag, mango & chilli chutney, jodhpuri pulau.


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